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OGRA revises POL prices


ISLAMABAD – The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has announced to revise petroleum prices.


According to the OGRA, petrol has been decreased by Rs.1.54 per liter, kerosene oil by Rs.0.86, high octane by Rs.5.93, and light diesel by Rs.1.53.


However, the price of high-speed diesel remained at its current level.


The summary dispatched to the Ministry of Finance by Ministry of Petroleum wanted prices decrease according to international market standards by Rs.5 per liter for petrol, Rs.0.18 per liter for high diesel, which was rejected by Finance Ministry over ‘revenue concerns’.


This endeavor of Finance Ministry has increased the levy duty on petrol by Rs.3.46 per liter, increasing its previous price of Rs.6.54 to Rs.10 per liter. Levy duty on diesel has been set at Rs.4.44 per liter.


After the reshuffle in petroleum products, petrol would retail for Rs. 87.14, high octane at Rs.106.72, kerosene oil at Rs.85.76, light diesel by Rs.81.99 per liter.


The Rs.94.15 per liter price of high-speed diesel oil would remain intact.

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